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About Sophie Rain

Welcome! I am a practitioner of both traditional (Usui) reiki as well as shamanic reiki, which incorporates the power and energy of nature and expanded spiritual realities. I was brought to this work by my own healing journey where I experienced first-hand the benefits of reiki for repatterning, releasing blockages, finding connection, and healing chronic pain. Now, as a practitioner, I am honored to be a part of the healing journeys of others.

I am a practicing Reclaiming witch and bring a number of tools from that work into my reiki healing basket, including clairvoyance, spiritual connection with nature, and the power of ritual. While channeling reiki does not require these tools, I find they help me provide you with more feedback and guidance at the end of our session, both on what might be happening within you and on what might help going forward.

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My Approach

I am here to facilitate your healing, relaxation, and holistic embodiment. Whether you are struggling with insomnia, anxiety, or chronic pain, feeling stuck in old patterns, or just feeling curiosity, you have come to the right place. Reiki is a subtle way to release tension, emotion, and trauma that have become stuck in the body. It is a gentle energy modality, and for most people the biggest shifts and transformations are experienced over time, though some experience immediate results after only one session. 


When you join me for a session, I channel reiki energy into and through you, working with your chakras and energy bodies, as well as your physical body. I cultivate a safe and sacred space in which you can find balance, relaxation, healing, and tender awareness. I aim to cultivate a presence that can settle chaos, evoke sacredness, and welcome compassion. I facilitate the environment for you to access your own wholeness in the timing and manner reflective of your highest good.


I often see or sense imbalances, blockages or stagnancies and invite the reiki and shamanic energies to bring healing, balance and flow to them. At the close of each session, I can share what I have seen or sensed to the level you desire, as well as what might be seeking further healing. I always welcome you to share your experience of the session as well.

I look forward to sharing space and energy with you...

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